Saturday, February 2, 2008

Record Low Temperatures

The temperature outside dropped a lot the past couple of days.  Currently it is -44F.  Yesterday we broke the record for that date set in 1974.  I thought I'd post an email sent out about it:

Naturally, late-season cold
snaps generate temperature related questions.  Here are some answers: 

we break any temperature records this week?

For February 1st, 2008 (Zulu
Time) the minimum temperature of -42.4°C/-44.3°F broke the previous record low
of -41.7°C /-43.1°F set in 1974.

far below the historical average are our temperatures

Yesterday's average Temp =
-40.6°C / -41.1°F

Historical average
Temperature for date = -33.3°C / -27.9°F

is it so cold?

Clear skies with light winds
from the "cold" direction (Grid East) have persisted for the past several days
creating the perfect environment for extremely low temperatures. 

we going to hit minus -50.0°C / -58.0°F before February

I have no idea, however, I
can tell you that the earliest we've ever touched -50.0°C / -58.0°F was on
February 10th, 1982 and when I say, “touched” I mean this in the same way that a
twelve year old would touch a dead squirrel on a dare from his/her friends. 
Very brief.    

second earliest?

February 14th, 1993. 

do daily average temps reach the -50.0°C / -58.0°F mark?

March 5th, however, averages
are derived from a series of highs and lows and lingering cold periods of
-50.0°C / -58.0°F have occurred many times before this date and after February
15th with 1995 being the earliest period where the temp dipped below -50.0°C /
-58.0°F for five straight days (Feb 15 – Feb 19).  However, this scenario has
never occurred before February 15th.

That's it for today.  I uploaded the pictures from the flight down too.

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