Thursday, January 17, 2008

American Night

It was American Night last night at Scott Base, our neighbor to the south.  Because the number of McMurdo residents greatly outnumbers that of our Kiwi neighbors, we are only allowed by invitation by a resident there or on American Night (Thursdays).  The first shuttle over there was full, so we had to walk.  We got there about the same time as the second shuttle, but it was good exercise.  It took about 40 minutes at a pretty good pace to get there.  They have a great bar with a great view south across McMurdo Sound.
The have a mini pool table, a cool can crushing contraption, and the
Shot Ski.  Of course we had to try it out.  It is basically a cross country ski with 5 shot glasses attached to it requiring coordination between all 5 participants.  The shots all had to be the same so Tequila was the consensus.  All they had was Pepe Lopez, which I had never had.  It was pretty decent.  Anyway, we completed our Shot Ski successfully.  I was a good night over all and a welcome break from all of the paperwork we have been working on.  I'm slacking on the picture upload, but will do that later tonight, I promise!

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