Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Penguin and Discovery Hut

I saw a penguin in the wild for the first time two nights ago!  It was just hanging out near the ice pier.  I didn't get to see him walk around.  He just stood there messing with his feathers for a bit and the laid down.  I never knew that they did that.  I know they do to slide around on the snow, but not to just rest.  I thought they slept standing up.

I did a tour of Scott s Discovery Hut last night and it was really cool on the inside.  It is in pretty good shape for being out there in this climate for 105 years.  It is amazing the conditions that they lived in such a harsh environment.

After the hut tour we went to Gallagher's for a few pints and Burger Bar!  Good stuff.  I spent some time talking to many of the people that I have met.  One person that I talked to a lot was a guy named Charlie who was last here in 1957!  He was down here when they built the original station 50 years ago.  What a great guy.  He was also in our Happy Camper School training.  He then flew out to the WAIS  (West Antarctic Ice Sheet) Divide field camp where they are drilling ice cores.  They drill 24x7 and he would get up at 8am to drink beer with the people just getting off the night shift.  All at 74.  I've spent as much time as I could talking to him and it's been great.  Most of the people I've got to know are leaving tomorrow and so we are going to Scott Base again.  Nothing crazy tonight, but I want to have one last hurrah before they go.

I've uploaded more pictures.

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  1. Dear Uncle Mike, Your pictures are great! Thank you for showing Heat Blast the sights. I hope he is keeping you safe. Love, Gavin