Saturday, January 5, 2008

Finally a Good Sleep

I finally got a good sleep for the first time since I left Denver.  Not sure why, but it must be a combination of time change, anticipation, and homesickness.  I experienced the the strangest thing I have in a long time the first day I was here.  About 7pm, I met several people in the Coffee House for some drinks and relaxation.  The Coffee House is made up of two Quonset huts in the form of a 'T' with no windows and is fairly dark like a typical bar.  A Quonset hut is one of those military, half-circle bunkers made of corrugated steel.  Anyway, about 10pm or so, we thought is was getting late and we were tired.  So we opened up the door to go outside and...wham!...a blast of daylight.  It was just weird and messes with your internal clock.  The sun never gets overhead, it just circles around.  I knew this before I left, but you really have to experience it to understand the weird feeling you get sometimes about it.  Anyway, time for lunch.  I'll try and take some more pictures today.

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