Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Almost Through

As I understand it, we are nearly through the Drake passage. Most of

the group, including myself, have found their sea legs. There are

still a couple that are still looking for them. I talked briefly to

one of the mates yesterday and he was surprised how many of us were

having issues as he said this is one of the smoothest he's crossings

he's ever been on. The food so far has been surprisingly

good. Pretty much your standard cafeteria style fare as far as the

dishes go, but a bit higher quality than most. There have been a few

sightings of swimming penguins, but not while I've been on deck. I

didn't sleep very well last night. It seemed every time I was almost

out, the ship would pitch like someone trying to wake me up. We are

making good time and I believe we should be at Palmer

tomorrow. Unfortunately, that is going to put us going through the

most scenic parts like the Lemaire Channel, at night. :( Usually

the ship leaves first thing in the morning on the return trip, so we

should be able to catch it on the way out.

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