Thursday, May 17, 2007

Marr Glacier

We took a break from work mid-day to climb to the top of the Marr Glacier behind the station.  They survey it regularly and several people a day go up for various reasons, so it was pretty safe.  The weather was marginal, but we had more than adequate gear.  We also each had a radio.  My guess the hike was about 2 miles tops, but it took a bit due to the wind and snow.  The view from the top was amazing.  Maybe the best I've ever seen in person.  I know I keep saying I'll update some pictures, but the problem is that most of mine aren't very good.  The low light makes a point-and-shoot camera very difficult to use.  Chris has a digital SLR and I haven't had time to copy the pictures he's taken.  Tomorrow is going to be all work unless the weather improves.  Currently the wind is blowing 30+ miles per hour and it's in the mid-20's.  That puts the wind chill around -7 F.  Not all that cold. :)

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