Monday, May 21, 2007

South of the Antarctic Circle

We left Palmer Station late yesterday afternoon and we sailed pretty much due south all night.  The seas were the roughest yet, but I seemed have kept my sea legs from the last time.  Sleeping was difficult but not too bad.  I was probably sliding end to end about 5-6 inches and eventually found a good way to lay sideways that didn't feel like I was going to roll off my side.  Our current location is about -66 36.468, -67 15.415 for those that want to look it up.  The time is 0825 and still pretty much dark.  I don't think the sun will be up for another hour or so and will likely set before 1500 this far south.  Walking around the boat is definitely a chore.  I can't but feel like the ball in that game with a maze that you turn the knobs on the ends to get the ball from the beginning to the end without letting it drop through the holes.  Currently the temperature is 27F and -8F with the wind chill.  There isn't much ice yet, but we are expected to reach some soon.

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