Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Lallemand Fjord

We spent the day cruising around the area looking for crabeater seals
resting on ice floes.  I believe 5-10 were sighted all day.  Fur seals
are far more common as we saw well over a hundred napping on ice flows. 
We saw a few whales, but saw nothing more than their backs and spouts as
they dived for food.  Still no penguins sightings for me.  We traveled
by dozens of huge icebergs some probably 1/2 a mile across and the
terrain of the surrounding land is amazing.  Several times we were
pushing through a lot of pancake ice which is when the water is covered
by thin disks of ice from about a foot to 3-4 feet across.  I'll upload
some pictures when I get back to Palmer Station.  I'll also try and get
some video uploaded too from one of the other guys camcorder.  We are
going to be spending the night in the Lallemand Fjord which is off the
sound end of the Crystal Sound.  Our current location is -67 05.626, -66
48.350 and the temperature is about 25F with very little wind.  The
water depth here is 661 meters or 2168 feet.  It was a bit cold out on
deck today, so I've started using some of the gear that the NSF provided
for our trip.  Here's a list of the gear that I was issued:

1- Neck Gator
1- Hat, Polar Plus
4 pair- Socks, Wool
1 pair - Gore-Tex Mitts, Black
1 pair - Rubber Gloves, BLue
1 pair - Leather Gloves, Lined
1 pair - Wool Glove Liners
1 pair - Polypro Glove Liners
2 - Thermal Top, Mens
2 - Thermal Bottom, Mens
1 pair - Boot, Sorel
1 pair - Boot Liner, Sorel
1 - Hooded Parka, Gore-Tex
1 - Bib Gore-Tex, Black
1 - Googles
1 - Water Bottle
1 - Sunglasses
1 - Fleece Jacket
1 - Fleece Pants
1 - PVC Rain Jacket
1 - PVC Rain Bib
2 - Clothing Bag
1 pair - Sea Boots Steel Toe
1 - Workpants, Carhartt
1 - Parka, Carhartt
1 - Red Yazoo Cap

As you can see, they don't mess around.  All this stuff takes up almost
2 of those large Eagle Creek duffle bags.  I've been lugging them and in
addition to all the junk I brought, a large suitcase and a daypack.

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