Friday, May 25, 2007

Rough Night

Last night was definitely the roughest seas yet.  I seem to have kept my
sea legs and didn't need any Meclizine.  I did decide to stay in my bunk
for the afternoon and evening as I definitely had my moments.  The ship
was going up and down so much that I could actually feel my stomach drop
every now and then.  I think once I thought of it as am amusement park
ride, it wasn't so bad.  Except for a couple of days at Palmer where we
worked 9 hour days, Chris and I have been working 12 hours a day
everyday since we left Denver and it is starting to take its toll on
us.  As much as I've always wanted to visit Antarctica, the 'novelty' is
now gone because of the work and I'm definitely ready to go home.  I
have a feeling it is going to be a rough couple of weeks.  On the bright
side, it looks like we might have our first day off on Sunday.  Monday
is Memorial day which we might end up with off as well, I'm not sure how
holidays work while deployed.

We've left the area we have been in for the past few days and are moving
north a bit to see what we can find.  We saw a bunch of Crabeaters (aka
Crabbies(sp?)) yesterday, but they were either on small floes or jumped in
the water once the ship was near.  Maybe we will have good luck today.

Still no penguin sightings for me.

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  1. Nice pics Mike. Looks like it was quite an adventure. Glad you are back in one piece. Cheers.