Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Another Night at Sea

The seal team had a good day as they tagged a Weddell seal which was a first for the entire team.  I took a lot of pictures which I'll upload when I get back to Palmer Station.  We spent the entire day in the fjord but had to get out towards the end of the day as the ice was starting to get thick.  They spotted another once we neared to mouth of the fjord.  They decided not to tag it as it had been badly injured by something and they didn't want to put in through any more trauma.  In order to put the Zodiacs in the water, the boat needed to clear out a patch of open water.  While the second boat was loading up, a whale decided to use the whole to catch its breath.  It came up so close that one of the guys could almost touch it and it sprayed one of the others with its blow hole.  I didn't see it, but one of the guys thought it was a Minke.  No one got pictures as it caught everyone off guard.  Still no penguins.  Maybe tomorrow.

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