Sunday, May 13, 2007

Tierra Del Fuego

I slept pretty good last night. About 0400 the seas picked up enough

to wake me up. It's actually not bad, just a slow gently rocking

motion which made it very easy to go back to sleep. I slept in until

just after 1000 which is the first time since I left that I got more

than 7 hours of sleep.

Today we are traveling along the east coast of Tierra Del Fuego, the

end of South America. I went out on deck for a bit to watch the last

bit of land that we will be seeing for the next few days. There have

been several pods of dolphins over the past day, but today was my

first chance to see them. They were black and white and spent awhile

bow riding. In a few hours, we will be leaving the coast and staring

our crossing of the Drake. I understand that it should only take a

day or so to cross the Drake, but I've been told that it sometimes

takes 4-5 when it's really rough as they have to point the boat into

the waves. Next update probably won't be until tomorrow unless

something of note happens before the nightly mail delivery and I have

some spare time.

This post was written at 1300 EDT 13 May 2007

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